Swami Atma Jenindagiri

About Swami Atma Janandagiri

Homeopathist from Kerala

They learn meditation from the Swami ashram of Rama Simpaka Grama, the philosophy of Vedic sciences by Dyananda Ashram

And now they are guiding the students in the way of yoga and meditation.

They give lectures on these issues.

And draw inspiration for enlightenment exercises from the Mendocia Upanishads in these lectures

They bring students to a relaxed level of yoga nidra and provide exercises to clear joints, glands and nostrils, as well as improve their function for better prana flow through the body.

The Bhagavad Gita is known as a transcendental mission and is associated with yoga.

Learners are driven to learn the knowledge of yoga as a way of life and to achieve balance in the rapid and stressful existence of the universe in themselves more than a physical exercise.

Swami is the director of the Satsang World School (Spiritual Lecture) in Rishkish.

And also the builder of the Ashram Guru Darshanam in Rishikesh.

Records Swami Atma in this field include:

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